anna kirkpatrick  -  chests/ armoires 2009-10       
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L'Anna et l'Armoire  video
excerpts from text: The heart is in the chest, Anna Kirkpatrick, 2010

…The first chests grew out of a long and painfully disabling problem with my foot. After years of doctor’s visits and treatments, I’d found no effective remedy. One day, in a spirit of humour and whimsy—even defiance—I began concocting my own. Messages scrawled on paper and boxes, and vials of coloured liquids, powders, and ash sprang from my secret laboratory. Making remedies, I soon found out, was much more fun than taking them. And though these were new visual forms for me, I recognized them as natural, sculptural extensions of my cloth and paper collages. read more 

chests, each - 33 x 13 x 13 cm/  13 x 5 x 5 apprx. inches